Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Late Summer Deer

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas — Just a month ago, this fawn would likely still have been nursing, but now he is out confidently browsing on his own.

Strolling thru lush grass, he is becoming increasingly independent, but displays an inherent wariness for any hint of danger.

You can bet his mom is still keeping an eye on him, just to make sure he doesn’t stray too far. However, browsing with the bunnies certainly doesn’t pose any threat.

Fawns weigh an average of four to eight pounds at birth, but double that weight in just two weeks, a period during which they depend entirely on their mother’s rich milk.

They begin browsing with their mother in a couple of weeks while continuing to nurse and will triple their weight in a month.

This September fawn is completely weaned and enjoying fresh green leaves of huisache.

Huisache is a also a favorite of mature deer, and this handsome buck in full velvet reaches high to nibble on this favorite source of sustenance for whitetails.

While it is a time of transition for fawns, as they can be completely weaned by 10 weeks of age, it is also a time of change for bucks as they are beginning to shed their velvet.

As fall approaches, decreasing daylight triggers transformation as blood flow becomes restricted to the newly grown antlers.

Beginning in early September, some South Texas bucks will start to rub their racks in the brush as they scrape off the drying velvet-like sheath that encases their freshly hardened antlers.

Their antlers may appear bloody for a short time as this annual ritual commences, but that is no hindrance to bucks as they aggressively polish their freshly minted antlers.

While it may take a few years for this fawn to grow an impressive rack like this buck, maybe if he eats his huisache he will mature to attain even greater stature.

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