Richard Moore Outdoor Report: First Light

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — There is something inexpressibly wonderful about sunrise, as dark sky cedes to color, lighting the opening to the door of the day.

South Texas is renowned for its stunning sunrises, whether unfolding on a Rio Grande Valley resaca or deep in wildlands with a handsome buck silhouetted against intense dawn hues.

The beauty of the rising sun over tranquil water creates a captivating vision. While sounds of sunrise are equally enthralling, as wintering sandhill cranes greet the day with primordial calls.

Out on the vast coastal prairie, coyote chorus celebrates dawn, as towering yuccas stretch for morning sky.

Fog shrouded dawn evokes ethereal promise, beckoning the early rising traveler to venture down misty senderos, while enchanting birdsong welcomes day.

Along the shore of South Padre Island, the inexorable roll of tide flows onto the shell-strewn beach as a lone pelican soars just above sun-lit surf.

Sea oats sway in the morning breeze serenely anchored in sand dunes, as the distant orange orb climbs ever higher above murmuring waves.

Sunrise over the “Mother Lagoon” casts a golden pathway across the bay, as a solitary boat glides the glassy surface.

Joining the day’s first wade, a flock of distant pelicans skim calm water their wings caressing the surface.

On historic Green Island, crimson dawn hosts a cacophony of myriad waterbirds as it has for millennia from gregarious spoonbills to statuesque Great Blue herons.

Every sunrise holds the promise of a new day, and from ancient meanderings of the Rio Grande to the shores of Boca Chica beach varied vistas beckon.

If you are lucky, someday you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life, and that’s enough to make your tail wag.

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