HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The bucks are on the prowl in deep South Texas as winter rut peaks throughout the ranch country.

Each year during December breeding season White-tailed bucks tirelessly roam the wildlands in search of does, and as they travel they mark their territory to warn rivals of their presence.

This handsome buck is racking his antlers in thorny mesquite limbs and rubbing his muzzle leaving scent and busted branches that signal his territory.

Even youthful bucks are getting in on the action, and this youngster thoroughly inspects a fresh rub as he learns the annual ritual of whitetails.

This pair of young bucks playfully spars in mock combat as they practice for future jousts when they will likely lock antlers in fierce battles to establish breeding dominance.

Usually, when a pair of mature deer meets, the more dominant buck bristles up, lowers his ears, and postures menacingly enough to convince his rival to depart.

However, when two evenly matched bucks confront one another a brawl may ensue and no one is backing down.

This is a serious brawl, and these two combatants fight furiously for several minutes before one finally succeeds in driving off the other.

Following the buck battle, there is so much testosterone in the air that this turkey takes on a buck with wings flapping threateningly.

Fortunately, no creature is seriously injured in either encounter, but this is one wild December morning to remember when it seems everyone feels frisky for a fight.