Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Breakfast with Roadrunners

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — When Benito Treviño starts his day, he begins by calling his resident roadrunners to join him for breakfast.

It doesn’t take long before first one and then another show up for the morning ritual.

Benito Treviño said, “If I am not responding to them, they will call me. Both of them will come by and call and call.”

This pair of roadrunners are wild free ranging birds on Benito and his wife Toni’s ranch, Las Lomitas, north of Rio Grande City.

As Benito settles in at his customary chair on the patio, the roadrunners hop up to join him for breakfast of their favorite treat, mealworms.

“And now it has become for the last couple of years a routine in the mornings when they come I feed them, and then I go work. And then at noon, when I am having lunch it never fails they come by, and when they come by I feed them.” said Benito.

The roadrunners are so accustomed to dinning with Benito that they will actually eat out of his hand.

Treviño said, “So, they just peck the worm. I almost never feel that they are pecking them. The worm disappears and disappears.”

Roadrunners can live for eight years or more, and this pair has known Benito for quite a while.

“If I am alone, both of them will be feeding off my hand, but if there is anyone…they are kind of a little bit shy. They are wild birds so, naturally…they have known me for years and years and years, so they know who I am.” said Treviño.

Finally, the last of the morning mealworms have been devoured, and the roadrunners depart…well, that is until Benito invites them back for lunch.

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