October Deer

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

It is a wonderful year for Whitetail deer in southernmost Texas. Richard Moore shows us the fawns are maturing rapidly, while the bucks are sporting splendid antlers.

You can barely see their antlers hovering just above the tall grass blowing in the wind.  Bountiful rains have the South Texas wildlands lush with greenery, and all those groceries have maximized antler development in White-tailed deer.

Just about all the bucks have shed their velvet, and this handsome fellow is polishing his newly revealed antlers in a thorny huisache.

Nearby, another buck has chosen a mesquite to tickle his tines.  He is also leaving his scent in the tallest branches, as it is never too early to being establishing territory for the impending rut.

Whitetail fawns are now some three months old, and while many still sport spots, others have only a mere smattering of them on their haunches.

Fawn survival has been exceptional this year, as there was thick habitat to hide in when fawns were young, and does were able to produce plenty of milk.

Now, that the little rascals are fully weaned there is an abundance of browse for them to consume, as they continue their rapid growth.
As a matter of fact, there is such a plenitude of food that deer just don’t have to wander very far to grab a meal, so there is leisure time to enjoy a South Texas siesta while chewing their cuds.

While nearly all the bucks flaunt newly hardened antlers, this impressive buck remains in velvet.  The velvet like sheath covering his pristine antlers is tightly shrink-wrapped, and he will undoubtedly being scrapping it off any day now.

Maybe with a little luck, we will be able to witness this majestic buck shedding his velvet very soon.
And, there certainly are some magnificent specimens roaming the ranch country this early October.

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