Rancher Frank Yturria of Brownsville is the greatest conservationist of his generation in south Texas. If you would like to meet him and get a signed copy of his just published autobiography, then Saturday, May 19 is your opportunity.

Frank Yturria’s autobiography is entitled “The Amazing Life of a South Texas Cowboy”, and what an incredible life it is rancher Frank Yturria is leading.

Rancher, oilman, banker, soldier, public servant, world traveler and conservationist. Yturria’s life story is both fascinating and inspiring.
Frank Yturria says, “90 some odd years worth of information you know. I never thought I would live to be 95, which I will do next month on the 29th of June, I will be 95 years old.”
His grandchildren were the catalyst for writing his autobiography.
“When I was about 90 years old, my grandchildren started asking me all kinds of questions…so, I said you know what, I think I better sit down and write my life story. So, these kids after I am gone will know what their old grandpa did.”

If you ask Frank Yturria what he is most proud of, his South Texas ranch is in the forefront.

“One of the things I am most proud of is my ranch up in Willacy and Kenedy County.”  
Established nearly 160 years ago, the Yturria Ranch teems with wildlife from Whitetail deer to Rio Grande turkey and a remarkable variety of rare and endangered species.

Frank Yturria’s conservation accomplishments are remarkable. He was the first landowner to set aside habitat in a conservation easement for Ocelots, one of the initial ranchers to allow the re-introduction of Aplomado falcons and the guiding force behind the largest coastal wetland restoration project in the state, the restoration of Bahia Grande north of the Brownsville ship channel.

On Saturday, May 19th Yturria will host a book signing at the Historic Brownsville Museum from 2 to 4 p.m. and the public is invited.