Alligators Emerge

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

It is that time of the year, when the largest reptiles in the Valley emerge from their winter lairs. Richard Moore takes us out where some very impressive alligators lurk.

At first glance, this tranquil South Texas pond looks peaceful with no discernible hint of danger. However, a closer look at the far bank reveals a menacing array of alligators arranged along the shore. As this massive alligator slowly crawls up the bank, it joins a dozen or so other gators lounging in the South Texas sun.

It’s that time of year, when the Rio Grande Valley alligator population emerges from the tepid waters of their wintry lair to celebrate spring break. As temperatures begin to rise, these warm-blooded creatures depart the murky depths of their winter retreat to soak up the sun.

With its toothy countenance held high, this imposing alligator basks in the sunshine content to relax pond side with its reptilian brethren. Nobody knows just how many alligators lurk along the waterways of the lower Rio Grande Valley, but this is an impressive assemblage of alligators along this remote Cameron County pond.

Since, the lower Valley’s waterways are all interconnected with canals and resacas, it is probably a good idea to keep an eye out for the big predators. For now, they seem quite peaceful strewn out along the shore sunbathing in relaxed camaraderie, occasionally eliciting a lazy yawn, but alligator-breeding season is fast approaching.

It won’t be long before the gators begin bellowing to establish territory and aggressively prowling in search of mates. And, there certainly are some impressive alligators roaming the murky waters and occasionally even the roadways of deep South Texas.

For now, these alligators seem quite content to enjoy their convivial spring break, but one can only imagine the bellowing and brawling that could soon erupt from this seemingly peaceful assemblage of alligators.

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