RGV Sounds: Weslaco thrash metal band creates songs with Texas attitude

RGV Sounds

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Lonescar (from left to right; J.C. Hernandez, drums, Brian Valdibia, vocals, Michael Perez, guitar, and Mike Gonzalez, bass)

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — If there’s one thing Texans love, it’s talking about Texas.

References to Texas cities, restaurants, or anything remotely related to the Lone Star State will get a Texan’s attention.

If a band takes a notable Texas term and molds it in a way that matches the music they create, that group will have the ingredients for a smashing success.

This theory has certainly benefited Lonescar, a Weslaco thrash metal band with an aggressive sound and a Texas-sized potential to make it big.

Lonescar formed in 2013 through the vision of guitarist Michael Perez and bassist Mike Gonzalez. The group’s name came from a brainstorming session among the founders. They melded a Texas’s Lonestar nickname with “scar,” creating a classic metal name.

“Wherever we go in the state people see our name and think ‘wow why hasn’t anyone thought of that before,'” joked Brian Valdibia, Lonescar’s vocalist.

Lonescar performing in 2018

Valdibia joined Lonescar in 2015 and after a few lineup changes, the band settled on him, Perez, Gonzalez, and drummer J.C. Hernandez to create the definitive Lonescar lineup.

Once settled on this lineup, the band put out their first EP, Bloodluck in 2016.

Right away, Lonescar displays a burst of hard-charging metal reminiscent of the band’s heroes Metallica, Havok, and Sodom, among others.

The cover of Bloodluck features a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-like figure in front of the state’s flag, starting a theme of Texas-style covers with a horror movie edge.

Lonescar would put out a few more EPs and singles over the next few years before deciding they needed to record their first full-length album.

“We would play shows across Texas and people would tell us they loved our music but wish they had a full album of songs to listen to,” said Valdibia. “That’s what made us want to get in the studio and record our debut.”

Taking their fans advice, Lonescar spent a large part of 2019 recording their debut album.

The band spent about four months recording the record at Casa Panchita Studios in Weslaco with producer Charlie Vela.

When the final touches were made, they were finally ready to release their first album and set the release date for January 2020.

Lust for the End was chosen as the name of the album and the band spent the end of 2019 preparing their followers for the release and getting the word out about the record.

The electrifying album is a blast of speedy guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and grueling vocals that cultivated together makes this record a must-listen for anyone with Pantera, Lamb of God, or Sepultura on their playlists.

One of the album’s highlights is “For Envy’s Sake,” where the band delivers a speed metal-esque performance in the quick-strumming intro.

The album’s single “Images from Mauthausen” is possibly the heaviest from the release and has garnered more listeners on digital platforms than any of the band’s other tracks, proving that Lonescar knows what they’re doing with their harder tracks.

They also aren’t afraid to add in a slightly more commercial sounding track, though, as the album’s closer “Lust for Her End” features a bright melodic intro before Valdibia’s raging vocals erupt the band back into that groove metal mood.

Lust For the End‘s album cover features another gruesome Texas tidbit with an image of Big Tex burning at the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

Response to the album was fairly positive and Lonescar were ready to hit the road promoting their new record.

But then, their plans were shattered when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020.

Lonescar performing in 2018

Lonescar business was put on a halt as concerts got cancelled across the country.

Adding to the inactivity were personal matters that the band members had to tend to.

One member had a child in 2020, another got married, and some were dealing with college courses.

Throw a pandemic in the middle of these milestones and creating metal music was not exactly the first thing on Lonescar’s minds in 2020.

Despite that, the band were able to work around these things and say they became better friends during the time off.

“We were bandmates from 2015 to 2019 but when 2020 came around, that was the group I clung onto,” said Valdibia. “We became better friends during that time.”

Also in 2020, the band started heavily using social media as a tool to promote their band. So far, they’ve seen it pay off as they get a good amount of engagement with their followers that support them across the globe.

Now with concerts slowly coming back into play, Lonescar is looking to set up some gigs to play in the near future. They’ve also focused on writing music and hope to hit the studio once again to release more music.

Many of Lonescar’s songs are inspired by experiences of living in the Rio Grande Valley. The band is proud to call the RGV home but dream of one day taking their music abroad and playing stadium concerts.

Lonescar’s music can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube, where you can find the band’s podcast where Valdibia interviews local musicians.

You can follow Lonescar on Facebook and Instagram.

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