RGV Sounds: Edinburg indie rock band takes on world in English and Spanish

RGV Sounds

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Yruama’s Amaury Lopez

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — Indie rock: It’s an ambiguous way to describe a wide range of music.

The umbrella term was originally usually used to describe bands that independently release their own music and do not belong to a record label.

But over time “indie rock” became a way to classify the music itself… sorta.

Essentially, the purveyors of this music feel they create sounds not easily defined by typical genres and go against the mainstream.

Just about any band can get the term thrown at them, whether their music is guitar-charged and noisy or chill and mellow.

And somehow, bands like Edinburg’s Yruama find ways to mix all of these sounds together.

While Yruama features a revolving door of members for live shows, the band is mostly the brainchild of Amaury Lopez, who first spawned the idea for this project when he was 15 in 2012.

Amaury Lopez writes and records all of Yruama’s music.

Lopez played drums in several RGV bands and gained notoriety as a staple of the music scene before branching off as a solo artist.

He created Yruama in the mid-2010s where he plays every instrument. The name of the band is a backwards spelling of his first name.

Yruama’s first releases came in 2017 on a couple Sound Cloud EPs but the band’s official debut is counted as 102, which was released in 2018.

The four-track EP is a spirited happy-go-lucky release that would fit right in with any indie playlist. Since its release, 102 has gained more than 30 thousand plays on Spotify alone as Yruama quickly made a splash onto the music scene.

Yruama followed this up with another EP, Cravings, in 2019 which features the same characteristics as the first release. Songs on this release marked the first time Lopez sang lyrics in Spanish, as he felt the lyrics and music were reflected better in the language.

On both EPs, Lopez plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sings, making these releases completely solo.

That theme continued in 2020 when Yruama hit the studio once again to record his latest EP, FRESco., which instantly became the band’s most musically adept release to date when it came out in March 2021.

FRESco. opens with a cover of “Cuando Calienta del Sol,” a song recorded by multiple artists including Mexican singers Luis Miguel and Javier Solis.

Lopez’s version of “Cuando Calienta del Sol” is an electrifying jam and certainly fitting for an RGV artist to cover considering our proximity to a beach.

After that track, Yruama dances around on the groovy “Rollerblading” infused with some spectacular guitar chords.

Things calm down on “Man on the Moon” with a shoegaze-driven, chillwave-style synth section that crowds the listeners’ eardrums with a cacophony of noise.

“Saturnday Haze” closes the EP and summarizes the whole release with some sections of the song featuring catchy guitar riffs and others dominated by synth sounds.

And if the music itself wasn’t enough to get you interested in FRESco., then Yruama decided to package an intriguing counterpart with the EP: soap.

A limited number of soaps were sculpted in the shape of Lopez’s head to be released with FRESco. He based this concept on magic soaps sold in Mexico that are said to bring good fortune.

Yruama plans to release more soaps in different designs along with singles off of FRESco.

Lopez says the soap project has been successful as many people have tried to purchase the item from him.

He likened the experience to himself wanting merchandise of his favorite bands no matter how ridiculous the products may be.

Yruama has been around long enough to gain a consistent following in the RGV indie rock scene and is poised to play more live shows soon.

Lopez typically sings and plays guitar during concerts and has friends fill in on bass, drums, and keyboards.

He says that while being a solo artist can be limiting at times, getting the final say in every release is something that allows him to do whatever he wants with his music.

Lopez hopes to release a full-length album and tour across the country and even play concerts in Mexico in the near future.

Yruama’s music can be found on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube, among others.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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