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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — Finding the right people to connect with is a tremendous task for any musical group looking to succeed.

Some bands take years to find members that will stick with them, not cause arguments, and avoid that “musical differences” label that splits up so many bands.

But other bands, like Kryptik Mutation, start off with the correct members that elevate them to the top.

Kryptik Mutation’s members are from Edinburg and the PSJA area [source: Facebook]

Kryptik Mutation formed in 2019 out of a collaboration between five Hidalgo County-based musicians with a wealth of experience in the RGV metal scene.

With Christopher De Leon on vocals, Efren Treviño on bass, Dan Garcia on drums, and the guitar duo of Jon Treviño and Fred Gonzalez, Kryptik Mutation were ready to blast onto the scene right from the get-go.

“This might be the first band I’ve been in where we’re all friends and get along really well,” said De Leon. “We’ve never even had an argument! We all have the same vision when it comes to music.”

Taking inspiration from thrash and death metal bands Suffocation, Municipal Waste, and Dying Fetus, among others, Kryptik Mutation is set on creating a sound that could go toe-to-toe with any of the genre’s best.

While most local bands set their first sites on touring across the RGV and spreading their name around, Kryptik Mutation was stripped of those opportunities when the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and effectively canceled all local concerts for most of 2020.

Instead of being discouraged by this, though, Kryptik Mutation decided to turn their sights on the studio to lay down some music.

The band spent the year writing, recording, and producing songs for their debut album, Pulled From the Pit, which would come out on May 7.

Pulled From the Pit is a remarkably heavy album that is certainly worth a listen for anyone interested in death/thrash metal.

Opening the album is the immediately hard-charging “Placentapede” which is more than enough to show this band can blast beat their way through any song.

Kryptik Mutation maintains their brutal edge throughout the record, but they are not afraid to venture into the melodic death metal category on songs like “Demons Crest.”

The band’s music is a collaboration from every band member each throwing in their personal touch.

“We’re all guitarists so we can all throw in a riff or two to each song,” said Jon Treviño. “With everyone contributing we get the best sound we want.”

The album’s lyrics are mostly penned by the band’s vocalist and focus on war and gore with an overall horror movie theme.

“When I write lyrics I see it like writing a horror movie script,” said De Leon. “I like to take on a storyteller role.”

Pulled From the Pit is a classic death metal release with a well-produced sound, which is fitting as it was recorded at McAllen’s Widowmaker Studios, a recording studio becoming a powerhouse for RGV metal bands.

Following the album’s release, Kryptik Mutation received some well-deserved press on metal music websites and has attracted a wide array of praise.

The band attributes part of this attention to their record label, Redefining Records, who signed the band shortly before the release of Pulled From the Pit, and have promoted the album well.

One of the reasons Redefining Records chose to collaborate with Kryptik Mutation was the professionally made artwork on their album.

The artist behind Kryptik Mutation’s debut album artwork is Andrei Bouzikov, the man behind the grueling apocalyptic sci-fi covers found on Municipal Waste’s The Art of Partying, Havok’s Conformicide, and Toxic Holocaust’s Chemistry of Consciousness, among others.

Andrei Bouzikov is the artist behind Kryptik Mutation’s Pulled From the Pit

De Leon described that landing the artist was easier than they imagined.

“We just sent him an email and he replied really quick,” said De Leon. “He was super nice throughout the whole process and gave us this awesome artwork.”

The members of Kryptik Mutation are thrilled that they have gained a following in such a short time of forming and hope to take this band on a tour of Texas or even the country. Some of the members, such as Jon Treviño and Garcia, have played nationwide tours in past bands.

They acknowledge that the RGV metal scene was more plentiful and supportive in the past but they are always eager to cheer on other local acts and unite the various scenes.

“Back in ’97 or ’98 people would pack venues regardless of what type of music it was but now people only go see the type of music they like,” said Garcia. “We don’t care if it’s a pop show, a punk show, or a metal show, we’ll play at one so that nobody is divided.”

With their first full-length album released, Kryptik Mutation is set to keep recording for another record and plan to hit the stage for their first show as a group on June 12 at Yerberia Cultura in McAllen.

Kryptik Mutation can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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