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Which Osmo toys are best?

Osmo makes toys that merge the digital and physical worlds. The idea behind Osmo toys is for kids to have physical things to pick up and move around instead of just swiping and clicking. Osmo says kids won’t even realize they’re learning because they think they’re playing. If you are looking for a starter kit with a base, scanner and five different games, take a look at the Osmo Genius Starter Kit

What to know before you buy an Osmo toy

Osmo is many things rolled into one. It is a base unit, scanner, app and software that all work together for learning-level play. 

Osmo comes with a base where you put your tablet, phone or mobile device. You place the red reflector over the device’s camera and play tabletop games with physical game pieces. Osmo scans the table and adds, spells, draws, codes and more, following your child’s actions.

Which device do you have?

  • iPad. Osmo works with iPads, iPad Minis, iPad Airs and iPad Pros of all sizes.   
  • Amazon Fire Tablet. Osmo works with Fire HD 7, HD 8 and HD 10 models.


Osmo toys help children develop problem-solving skills, creativity, perseverance and general social-emotional skills. Choose the games for your child that are designed for specific types of learning. Osmo creates standards-aligned learning games that cover a broad range of academic subjects, including:

  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Drawing
  • Coding
  • World geography
  • Science
  • Fundamentals of physics
  • Spatial relationships

Your child’s intellectual age

Most games and toys come with suggested ages on the packaging and the website. Use them as broad guidelines because not all kids in the same age group develop as quickly as others. You do not want to give kids games that are too simple because they will tire of them quickly. At the same time, don’t give them games that are too hard because they will get frustrated and quit.

What to look for in a quality Osmo toy

What skills do you want your child to develop?

Osmo toys and games are made to teach many different skills. There are usually several different themes for each skill, so choose the theme that has the greatest appeal for your child. You will find Osmo games that feature themes like Hot Wheels racing cars and Disney Princesses. 

Osmo is not just about STEM subjects, though. Osmo offers many different games that come in puzzle form as well as games that encourage drawing and foster imaginative play.

Age range

Osmo toys and games are made at three basic levels:

  • Kids 3-5
  • Kids 6-9
  • Kids 10 and over 

Many of the games and puzzles made for kids 10 and over are fun and enlightening for adults to play, too.

How much you can expect to spend on an Osmo toy

Starter kits that include the base and the red reflector are found for about $60-$80. Kits with more games cost up to around $100 and more. Many standalone games without bases and reflectors cost from $20-$30 and can be used with your base and scanner/reflector.

Osmo toy FAQ

How do I set up my Osmo?

A. Osmo provides step-by-step instructions in video and written formats.

What mobile devices are Osmo games, toys and kits compatible with?

A. Amazon Fire tablets and Apple iPads and iPhones only.

How do the Osmo studio artist games work?

A. Studio Artist bundles merge the worlds of physical and digital drawing. Kids draw on whiteboard tablets with erasable markers. The reader scans their drawings, digitizes them and saves them to their tablet.

What are the best Osmo toys to buy?

Top Osmo toy 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

What you need to know: The five different games that come with this starter kit keep players engaged for hours on end.

What you’ll love: Like all Osmo games, this one is easy to download from the App Store. The games that come with this kit encourage audio, video and haptic learning. There are several skill levels available so you can choose the one that is the right kind of challenge for your child. 

What you should consider: The games get repetitive after a while and are better suited for younger kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Osmo toy for the money

Osmo Pizza Company Game

Osmo Pizza Company Game

What you need to know: This game teaches math skills by way of real-world experience.

What you’ll love: This simulation of a real restaurant teaches math concepts and skills in a very nonmath way. The game includes a pizza, toppings and play money. In addition to learning addition, subtraction and fractions, kids learn how to collect payments, count change and calculate the business’s profitability. 

What you should consider: This stand-alone Osmo game is for Apple devices only and does not include the base or red reflector. Software “freeze-ups” are not uncommon.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Osmo Detective Agency

Osmo Detective Agency

What you need to know: Kids search for landmarks around the world while incidentally learning new things about geography, history and other cultures with every clue.

What you’ll love: Kids run their own detective agency, travel to famous cities and inspect hundreds of clues. Players learn to observe, listen and solve mysteries through experimentation. This Osmo toy comes with four double-sided maps, a map holder, a magnifying glass and a game app.

What you should consider: This game is best for small children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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