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Which Apple Watch bands are best?

An Apple Watch is just as much a useful piece of wearable technology as it is a powerful fashion statement. The right Apple Watch band can tie an entire look together or give you more peace of mind when wearing your Apple Watch during certain activities. With how easy it is to change Apple Watch bands, you can also have several bands to mix and match as needed.

If you’re looking for the best Apple Watch band, then the right choice is the JETech Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band. This durable and stylish Apple Watch band is just as well suited to rugged activities as it is for a classy date night.

What to know before you buy an Apple Watch band


Apple Watch bands can be made of several different materials, but the most common are rubber, leather, stainless steel and nylon.

  • Rubber: Rubber Apple Watch bands are the all-around material. They’re durable and have a wide array of color options to help your Apple Watch stand out more if you want it to. Apple Watches are sold with an included rubber band.
  • Leather: Leather is a classic material for Apple Watch bands. These tend to be more expensive bands than the other materials, but they have strong durability and are very stylish, pairing with any kind of look.
  • Stainless steel: Also a strongly classical type of Apple Watch band, this material of band isn’t as great for rougher activities, but it is waterproof and easy to adjust the size by adding or removing links.
  • Nylon: These Apple Watch bands are perfect for very active lifestyles. Nylon bands are durable, waterproof, very lightweight and breathable, plus they come in a huge range of colors and weave styles.


Apple Watch bands tend to be either sporty, casual or dressy; but most materials can also function in multiple roles at once

  • Casual: Casual Apple Watch bands are slick and can stand out or be subtle as needed. Rubber Apple Watch band types tend to be the most casual, but certain nylon bands can be just as casual.
  • Sporty: Sporty Apple Watch bands are all about durability and function. These are usually made of nylon to maximize durability and limit wear and tear while being completely waterproof. Some rubber Apple Watch bands can also be quite sporty. 
  • Dressy: Whether it’s date night with a special someone, an elegant occasion or you just want to feel a little classier, there is an Apple Watch band for exactly that. Stainless steel and leather Apple Watch bands are the most dressy, with stainless steel being a little flashier and leather a touch more refined.


Apple Watch bands can come in a dizzying array of color options and some even feature different patterns. 

The material usually dictates the range of color options available. Rubber, nylon and leather have the most options for solid colors, with nylon also having the most pattern options. Stainless steel Apple Watch bands are quite limited, however, with most stainless steel bands being either silver, gold or black. 

Apple Watch band features

Watch case size

Most Apple Watch cases are sized 38 or 42 millimeters and Apple Watch bands are usually only made to fit one of those case sizes. Double check both your Apple Watch case size and the size of the band you’re considering to ensure it fits.

Band length

Case size isn’t the only size consideration; band length is just as important. Band lengths usually line up with the case size they’re meant for. The 38mm case sizes have band lengths of 5.1-7.4 inches and 48mm case sizes have band lengths of 5.7-8.6 inches.

Apple Watch band cost

Most Apple Watch bands comfortably fall into the $10-$25 range, depending on the style and material. Some Apple Watch bands can cost hundreds of dollars, though if they include extras like real diamonds or if they’re made of rare materials like gold.

Apple Watch band FAQ

How do I change my Apple Watch band?

A. There is a little button on the backside of the Apple Watch that releases the attached band. Just slide the old band out, then slide the new band in until you hear a click.

Which Apple Watch band should I get for swimming?

A. Rubber is the best for swimming since they dry off fast and are naturally water-resistant. Nylon bands work well, too but can take a while to dry out.

Which Apple Watch band should I get?

Best of the best Apple Watch band

JETech Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

JETech Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

What you need to know: This stainless steel Apple Watch band adds a little extra class to your life.

What you’ll love: Built to be as durable as it is elegant, this Apple Watch band is perfect for any occasion.

What you should consider: Removing links to get the fit right can be bothersome.

Where to buy: Amazon

Best bang for your buck Apple Watch band

Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

What you need to know: The detail and materials are as high in quality as the price is low.

What you’ll love: The comfort and range of color options make this Apple Watch band a wonderful and budget-conscious choice.

What you should consider: This leather Apple Watch band might not fit those with larger wrists.

Where to buy: Amazon

Honorable mention Apple Watch band

Secbolt Stainless Steel Band Compatible Apple Watch

Secbolt Stainless Steel Band Compatible Apple Watch

What you need to know: This Apple Watch band may not be ideal for everyday use, but it’s perfect to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

What you’ll love: A bracelet band style and rhinestones make this Apple Watch band perfect for special occasions.

What you should consider: It’s not very durable and it’s difficult to resize.

Where to buy: Amazon

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