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Which Glorious keyboard is best?

It can be challenging to decide on the perfect keyboard, as there are numerous aspects to consider. You must also contend with marketing, sponsored posts and targeted advertising if you search online.

Every peripheral manufacturer claims that their product is unique, special or innovative. Glorious Gaming also makes those claims, but it’s justified. It’s almost certain that you’ve never seen anything like its keyboards. That’s because it makes the world’s first modular mechanical keyboard, and the GMMK 87% TKL Mechanical Keyboard and Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Bundle is an excellent option.

What to know before you buy a Glorious keyboard

Glorious keyboards are different

It essentially makes three versions of the GMMK keyboard, which stands for Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard. A modular mechanical keyboard is a relatively new concept, giving you preference over the internal components.

That means you buy the barebones metal case and then customize all the components to your liking. You are not restricted to specific brands for switches and keycaps (you can mix and match), and you can choose your keyboard size. Glorious then puts it together and ships it to you. You must install some pieces yourself, but any keyboard comes with the correct tools.

Mechanical vs. rubber membrane

There are two types of keyboards: mechanical and membrane. The terms refer to how the keys work when pressed. A quick way to differentiate between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane one is to listen. 

If it’s loud and clicky, it’s mechanical. If it sounds muted and traditional, it’s a membrane keyboard. But it’s not the keycaps that give off the sound; it’s the switches underneath.

  • Membrane switches. These have a rubber dome membrane that supports the keycap. They are quieter than mechanical switches are there are fewer moving parts. It’s the type of key switch that most will be familiar with. Glorious doesn’t have any membrane switches.
  • Mechanical switches. Unlike rubber domes, mechanical switches have plastic components that require more force to press down. Once it passes a certain point, it clicks, and the press is registered. 

When building a keyboard through Glorious, you can choose between 18 mechanical switches for tactile feedback, sound and downforce. Some switches you can choose from include Kailh, Gateron and MX. If you are undecided or don’t know what certain switches feel like, there is also an affordable bundle of 18 random switches for testing.

Wired vs. detachable cable

Glorious doesn’t make a wireless keyboard, but it has two types of wired ones. 

  • Wired keyboards connect to your device through a USB cable, including gaming consoles. There is no input lag as the electrical signals travel instantaneously to the device.
  • Detachable cable keyboards function like wired models, but the USB cable detaches from the keyboard body. This makes it easy to store or carry in a backpack and protects the cable from damage.

As with all the other components, you can choose which cable (traditional or coiled) to include when you build your keyboard through Glorious. 

What to look for in a quality Glorious keyboard

Dedicated media controls

To be the most productive, you want to limit the time your fingers aren’t on the keyboard. This is especially important if you listen to music while working or in the heat of a video game battle. You shouldn’t fumble with headset controls or locate the skip track buttons, which is why a good-quality keyboard has dedicated media controls. The simple yet effective buttons let you change the volume, pause music or skip to the next song without being a distraction.

Solid construction materials

The construction of the keyboard is just as crucial as the functions. Cheap plastic might work for a few months, but signs of inferior quality soon start to show. A good-quality keyboard has a metal base for the keys, a durable cable that won’t damage easily and a robust backing for added support. 

Keyboard size

Consider your primary use for the keyboard, which should give you a better idea of the correct size. You’ll want to use a full-size keyboard for complex key combinations and a comfortable feel for gaming. However, a keyboard for gaming consoles or controlling your smart TV doesn’t need the numerical pad, so a compact or tenkeyless keyboard is the best option.

How much you can expect to spend on a Glorious keyboard

The average price depends on the size of the keyboard, the internal switches and the keycaps. An entry-level keyboard costs $50-$70, while a full-size keyboard with additional switches costs $80-$100.

Glorious keyboard FAQ

What is a “tenkeyless” keyboard?

A. The term, to put it simply, is that the keyboard has 10 keys less than a regular keyboard. Typically, this refers to the lack of a numerical pad on the right-hand side. It is smaller than a full-size keyboard but larger than a compact.

Are there any accessories for Glorious keyboards?

A. Yes, and lots of them. Every aspect except the base plate can be customized after you buy a keyboard. For example, there are differently colored coiled cables, a keyboard carrying case, replacement rotary knobs and a switch lube station.

What’s the best Glorious keyboard to buy?

Top Glorious keyboard

GMMK 87 TKL Mechanical Keyboard and Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Bundle

GMMK 87% TKL Mechanical Keyboard and Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse Bundle

What you need to know: This bundle has all the tools you need for a glorious gaming victory.

What you’ll love: The white tenkeyless keyboard has Quite Typing Gateron brown switches preinstalled with white ABS keycaps. The Cherry MX profile makes it compatible with other MX switches. The keyboard has LED backlighting built-in. The bundle includes the Glorious Model O wireless mouse. 

What you should consider: The “Escape” key is yellow, contrasting with the rest of the white keycaps. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Glorious keyboard for the money

GMMK 60 USB C Wired Mechanical Keyboard

GMMK 60% USB C Wired Mechanical Keyboard

What you need to know: This keyboard is the perfect size for on-the-go workers or using a console.

What you’ll love: The black, preassembled keyboard comes with Gateron brown tactile switches and black keycaps. It has the standard ANSI layout, backlighting and a detachable USB cable.

What you should consider: Some reported that the software for the lighting can be confusing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

GMMK Pro Barebones 75 Keyboard

GMMK Pro Barebones 75% Keyboard

What you need to know: This is 75% the size of a full keyboard and is only the metal casing.

What you’ll love: This keyboard is the perfect starting point if you want to customize it yourself. The barebones case has a rotary knob in the corner, is compatible with all the Glorious key switches and has pre-lubed screw-in GOAT stabilizers. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t come with a detachable USB cable, so you must purchase it separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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