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Are Kohler or Omigo bidets best? 

Over the last few years, bidets have become a popular and affordable bathroom upgrade. Whether enhancing your master or guest bathroom, bidets elevate the personal hygiene routines of all people who use them.

Due to the popularity of these seats and attachments, there are many options available. Two top brands, Kohler and Omigo, produce bidets of incredibly high quality. Differing in price, heating elements and premium features, choosing the right option depends on your budget and preferences.

Kohler bidet

Kohler 4108-0 C3® Toilet Seat Bidet Elongated Bidet Seat

Pro: Premium features

When it comes to bidet attachments and seats, the Kohler 4108-0 C3® Toilet Seat Bidet Elongated Bidet Seat is one of the most luxurious options available. Including many features, this simple-to-install seat provides a premium user experience. This model is especially suited to bidet enthusiasts ready to upgrade their existing design or new users who want every possible benefit.

What are some of the main features included in the Kohler Toilet Seat Bidet? Hands down, the most advanced aspect of this seat is its touchscreen remote control. Sleek and updated, the remote allows you to control numerous functions. One handy aspect of the remote is that it allows you to create two user presets, optimizing the experience for multiple household members.

Individuals who live in chillier climates will appreciate the Kohler bidet’s heated seat. Warm your seat to the perfect level by choosing between five temperature settings. Warm water released from the spray nozzle and warm air from the built-in dryer comfortably rounds off every use. The ability to heat the dispensed water is necessary to avoid using cold tap water for multiple months of the year.

Other favorite features of the Kohler 4108-0 C3® Toilet Seat Bidet Elongated Bidet Seat include LED toilet bowl lighting, odor control (achieved by carbon filtering), adjustable water pressure, multiple spray settings and automatic sanitizing with a stainless steel UV wand.

Con: Price

Those considering purchasing the Kohler bidet should prepare to spend a significant chunk of change. Competing in price with freestanding bidets, this seat attachment fetches just under $1,200. If you plan to pay around this much, the price won’t be too shocking. However, individuals searching for an affordable attachment should look elsewhere.

Omigo bidet

Omigo Element Bidet

Pro: Affordable, yet high-quality

People who are ready to see what bidets are all about should check out the Omigo Element Bidet attachment. Thanks to its affordable price, buying this model comes with low commitment. Despite being well under $100, this toilet attachment delivers exceptional features that allow you to enjoy your bidet to the fullest.

The Omigo Element Bidet conveniently fits both round and elongated toilet styles. Everything you need for installation is included with your purchase, making it trouble-free to add to your bathroom. The design of this bidet is subtle, yet it has a large enough handle for easy use.

When preparing to use the bidet for the first time, you’ll see two separate nozzles at the front and rear. Combining these nozzles allows individuals to achieve a perfect feeling of cleanness with each use. In addition to the separate nozzles, you can control the pressure setting. This feature ranges from light to full pressure and is another key element in feeling as refreshed as possible.

Once you’ve completed your session with the Omigo bidet, there’s no need to clean it each time. Instead, the system has a self-rinsing feature that cleans each nozzle before and after use. Every once in a while, it is advisable to wash the nozzles with a mild soap. As an added hygienic bonus, the nozzles are designed to prevent contamination.

Con: No advanced features

Since this bidet attachment is budget-friendly, you are not paying for premium features as you are with the Kohler bidet. While this model is reliable and gets the job done, it omits core features that are non-negotiable for some individuals. 

One of the most significant aspects to note is that this bidet only sprays unheated water. Those who live in regions that see below-freezing temperatures regularly may want to upgrade to an Omigo attachment with warm water capabilities. Additionally, there is no dryer, UV sanitizer or heated seating controls.

Should you get the Kohler bidet or Omigo bidet?

The two primary determining factors in deciding between the Kohler bidet and Omigo bidet are the price and number of features. Both products offer marvelous durability and reliability, so quality is never an issue. Instead, deciding how advanced you want your bidet to be and which option fits your budget is essential.

Still unsure as to which bidet best suits your needs? There are several ways that you can make your ultimate selection. The first is by asking yourself how much you are willing to spend on this luxury. If you had already set aside several hundred dollars to well over $1,000 for a bidet, the Kohler bidet seat is likely more aligned with your expectations. On the other hand, if you only want to learn whether or not you enjoy bidets, the price of the Omigo attachment makes it the low commitment choice.

Another critical determining factor is your desired list of features. The Kohler bidet has almost every premium feature that exists. Heated seating, a programmable touchscreen remote and other advanced elements make this the high-end choice of bidet aficionados. You can rest assured that you’ll never lack any part of the experience when using the Kohler model.

Alternatively, individuals who only want the basic functions of a bidet will be pleased with the Omigo Element. With multiple nozzles, self-cleaning and pressure control, achieving a superior sense of cleanliness is always possible.

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