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Which wedding jumpsuits are best?

A wedding jumpsuit is a great way to make a fashion statement. Whether you are a modern bride who wants to try a fresh look or you simply want a second outfit to compliment your dress, the perfect wedding jumpsuit will add more glamor to your big day. You can also wear your wedding jumpsuit to pre-wedding events such as bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and engagement parties. One top choice that combines simplicity with elegance is the VERWIN Patchwork Overlay Embellished Women’s Jumpsuit.

What to know before you buy a wedding jumpsuit


Wedding jumpsuits come in a variety of designs. For the top half, common options include long sleeves, short sleeves, off-the-shoulder and strapless styles. These jumpsuits usually have flared pants for a more elegant look to fit the occasion, but some brides prefer designs with tapered legs. Most wedding jumpsuits also have extra detailing such as ruffles, feathers, sequins or dramatic sleeves.


Bridal jumpsuits are usually made with the same materials as wedding dresses. This means you can expect to choose from materials like satin, silk, lace, cotton and crepe. Others include viscose, polyester, linen, chiffon and organza. Wedding jumpsuits are also made with a blend of fabrics to make them stretchy and comfortable for the bride. This combination further improves the fit of the jumpsuit to flatter the bride’s figure. 

  • Lace is a favorite for bridal jumpsuits because it’s almost synonymous with weddings. It’s frilly, versatile and stylish. It doesn’t need much dressing up to make it look elegant. It’s also a lightweight fabric which makes it great for outdoor weddings in warm weather. Lace jumpsuits are usually underlaid with other fabrics like organza or cotton to give more coverage. 
  • Satin is another popular choice for wedding outfits. It has a subtle shimmer which makes it look luxurious. A satin jumpsuit will drape nicely on your frame for a loose but flattering fit. 
  • Polyester is an affordable and durable material that works well for jumpsuits. It’s stain-resistant, which is great for possible liquid spills during the event. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant and won’t shrink when machine-washed. It’s also a breathable fabric, so if you sweat, it will dry quickly instead of soaking into the jumpsuit. 


Most brides choose to wear white jumpsuits for their weddings. However, bridal jumpsuits come in red, pink, rose gold and even black. Bold sequined jumpsuits are another popular choice, especially for brides who wear multiple outfits.  

What to look for in a quality wedding jumpsuit


Weddings can get really busy, so comfort should be a priority when choosing a bridal outfit. This means choosing a jumpsuit in a breathable fabric, so you don’t get too hot. Also, consider picking a style and material that gives you room to move around. The overall aim should be to find something that looks good but doesn’t become uncomfortable in the long run. 

Size and fit 

Sizing is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a wedding jumpsuit. Check the manufacturer’s size chart and ensure the jumpsuit doesn’t run large or small. Also, consider choosing styles that are easy to alter, such as those with long, flared pants and adjustable straps. 


Jumpsuits are a wardrobe essential, so they need to be versatile. This means choosing a jumpsuit that you can continue to wear after the wedding. Wide legs can be altered for a more tapered look, and you can tuck the sleeves in. Colored wedding jumpsuits are the most versatile because they don’t stain and can work for any event. If you plan to wear the bridal jumpsuit afterward, consider choosing something as close to your regular personal style as possible. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wedding jumpsuit

Wedding jumpsuit prices vary based on several factors such as material, manufacturer and the specific retailer. Prices range from $45-$4,000. 

Wedding Jumpsuit FAQ

How do I go to the bathroom in my wedding jumpsuit?

A. Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit is tricky. You can make it less so by choosing a style with side zippers that open from the bottom to the top. This makes getting the jumpsuit off easier and quicker. Remember to raise the legs of the jumpsuit if they are flared. Alternatively, you can take a friend with you to the bathroom to help out. 

Which shoes should I wear with a wedding jumpsuit?

A. Jumpsuits can be worn with almost any kind of shoe. For a stylish wedding look, pair them with peep toe stilettos. Choose wedges for extra comfort at the after-party or even sneakers if you feel brave enough.

What is the best wedding jumpsuit to buy?

Top wedding jumpsuit

VERWIN Patchwork Overlay Embellished Jumpsuit

VERWIN Patchwork Overlay Embellished Jumpsuit

What you need to know: It is a beautiful white high-waisted jumpsuit with a mini train and a belt. 

What you’ll love: It’s available in a wide range of sizes. The train mimics a wedding dress so it can be worn as a stand-alone. It’s made with a stretchy fabric so it fits well. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers found the material to be thinner than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wedding jumpsuit for the money

Engood Women's Jumpsuit

Engood Women’s Jumpsuit 

What you need to know: It’s a white jumpsuit with tapered legs and ruffles down the front. 

What you’ll love: The ruffle design makes it perfect for a fancy event. It’s comfortable and looks great when accessorized with a gold waist belt. 

What you should consider: The black and blue options look better than the white one. Some reviewers also had an issue with zipping up and down. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Aro Lora Women's Sexy Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Aro Lora Women’s Sexy Wide Leg Jumpsuit 

What you need to know: It is a single-sleeved jumpsuit with a bodycon fit and flared legs. 

What you’ll love: The material is flexible enough to accommodate any figure and thick enough to provide adequate coverage. It’s comfortable and easy to take off for bathroom breaks. 

What you should consider: It runs small and some reviewers found the pant legs too short.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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