Anyone you meet will tell you the Rio Grande Valley is a remarkable place and it might be because of the Remarkable Woman like Mary Moreno. 

Mary Pilar Moreno has made it her life mission to care for those who may not be able to care for themselves. “I love them very much, they know.” said Mary Pilar Moreno.

Moreno is much more than just the owner of Su Casa Adult Day Care in Weslaco-she’s the backbone. “Every morning I pray and ask God to give me strength to be with my residents” 

And it shows. For many, this caregiver is the only family many at this adult day care have. “Without Mary we would be alone at home and this way she’s allowed us to be part of something bigger,” said Josefina Melendez, a long time client of Su Casa Day Care. 

It’s a passion she’s been focused on for the last two decades. “I started from the ground up, I started driving, cooking cleaning…” And then, after lots of challenges and sacrifices, Mary decided to buy the adult day care herself.

Now, she dedicates her entire life to making it easier for those who are struggling with theirs. “We pick them up in the morning, they have breakfast, do exercise, they do crafting and we start with the bingo,” said Moreno.

“She has everything planned for us from the second we get here to the moment we leave, she is always so careful and she loves us,” said Melendez. “They love the bingo…that’s their thing,” said Moreno.

And these residents really did win the jackpot with Mary as their caregiver. As much as it’s a party…. The resident’s health is also crucial to Mary. “I take them to their appointments, their doctor visits”

Mary also hosts classes at her adult day care where she helps residents that do not have citizenship apply to become U.S. Citizens. “They’re here from 6:30-2:30 and some of them stay a little longer because they don’t want to leave. It’s a blessing, I tell them every day it’s a blessing”

A blessing, that without Mary, would not be possible, for all that call Su Casa home. There are over 200 people in Mary’s care at her adult day care facilities and she makes sure to leave an impact on each and every one. “It’s a lot of people and they can tell you i know each and every one’s name, it’s part of me” 

Always remarkably reminding them “Su Casa” (which translates to your home) Really is their home. “I love them very very much, they know,” said Mary.

As for Mary, she tells CBS 4 this is just the beginning. She’s planning a citizenship party for the next group of residents that become U.S. Citizens.