2020-21 Remarkable Women Finalist: Rhodora Elizondo

Remarkable Women

one of our remarkable women finalists Rhodora Elizondo a local teacher who has taken part in numerous charities in the RGV and in the Philippines Local 23 Tylisa Hampton shares her story.

“When no one day when I’m old and frankly this would make me smile.” Spending her day job adding and subtracting, “Gonna set up our equations before we do the math part.” Rhodora Elizondo has been teaching for 20 years but because of the pandemic she now has to teach through a computer. “There’s so many so much stress going on not only for teachers but for kids. So we try to understand we try to take it easy on them what can you do you know, everyone is doing their best to make up for the situation where I am.”

Just like she has a green thumb she also gives a helping hand, “In the summer most of the things that I do is back in the Philippines. For school supplies, medical dental mission, stuff like that and here we would during the pandemic. We would give out food for nurses and hospitals, the female nurses that came over.”

Getting this quality from her culture, “Philippines is one of the country where there’s always a calamity like typhoon, hurricane, so whenever we hear something like that is happening back home and there’s a lot of houses destroyed, then we will get together.”

And on top of having a heart of a volunteer and teacher she’s also a fearless high school tennis coach helping her team to win consecutive championships is one thing but she also teaches them to give back. “Every Christmas she would ask us to donate clothes and we would all go and she would take pictures of all the clothes that we were donating and she would take to the Philippines and that was something that was really touching, because I just wouldn’t think that a tennis coach would bring the whole team together to do something so powerful and so beautiful.”

Not to mention being a mother of three kids one with special needs, “She always helps others and she tells me to donate and she’s really nice.” It’s no wonder why she seen as remarkable, “If you talk about success that would be that would be the priceless.”

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