2020-21 Remarkable Women Finalist: Patricia Arevalo

Remarkable Women

This month we’re highlighting the women who were doing remarkable things in our community. Today, we shine a light on a Weslaco woman who’s calling is to help others, reporter Mike Jimenez brings us the story.

From a young age Patricia Arevalo knew her calling was to be a nurse. She says she has a strong will to care for others in their time of need, “I feel it deep in my heart, I know that my purpose, that God has placed me here on Earth is to care for others, to lift others up to encourage them even if I get a smile out of them or to make a difference in somebody’s life no matter if it’s a small difference or a big difference.”

Arevalo put God first in everything in her life and says she is grateful for all that she has including her family. Alrevalo says because of covid she has struggled to find a balance in life between being a healthcare worker and protecting her family. That balance would be tested after losing a co-worker and a friend to the virus. “I’m sorry she always saw the positive thinking things in life and she would always encourage me like don’t be sad over a situation that we can’t change, like see the bright side of things and keep moving forward.”

Arevalo is keeping it moving forward by volunteering at the RGV Honor Nursing Guard. The group attended funerals of Fallen nurses discharging them of their duties, “I’m assisting in the grieving process to the families to co-workers and for ourselves as nurses that we lose the nurse colleague us nurses it’s not a job but it’s a calling and we all see each other and love each other and respect each other like family.”

While being a nurse is her calling to date the future may hold a higher calling, “The future looks very bright for me and for my family. I plan to continue my education in nursing I want to obtain my bachelor’s degree and my master’s degree in nursing and maybe in the future once my kids are grown up I plan to become a doctor.”

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