2020-21 Remarkable Women Finalist: Cindy England

Remarkable Women

A season of remarkable women and one woman comes right here from Harlingen, Local 23’s Rocio Villalobos caught up with Cindy England who volunteers at the local food bank going above and beyond to help those whose needs go beyond food.

When Cindy England moved to the Valley to look after her parents, after retiring as a teacher, she made it a priority to give back to the community, “Just want to do something different so I do enjoy working with the people. I like talking to them see you in what they need how they’re doing I like that contact with people.” She volunteers twice a week at the Harlingen food pantry, “They’ll get a black bag, white bag, juice and a bread box.”

But her service doesn’t end there, from helping with medical needs, “They maybe phone call me or text me to say you know, I like I have a lady she’s right now looking for glasses. She doesn’t have glasses so I’m looking for contacts to help her with that just different things.” To house warming and utilities, “So people that are just now getting they maybe they’ve been struggling, but they can get into an apartment I helped with finding bed, sheets, dishes, things like that sometimes I need help with certain bills. I’ll ask sometimes, I help pay for it they pay me back when they can.”

It’s that she enjoys the most just witnessing lives transformed, “Though the goal is for them to get on their feet and then to help someone else so I’ve seen that too. I’ve seen a lot of people I’ll do that too so you know I just what goes around comes around that’s what I think.”

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