LA JOYA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A police officer is best known to protect and serve, but sometimes there are those that go beyond the badge. 

In this week’s CBS 4 Pay It 4ward Series, we are introducing you to La Joya ISD Police Sergeant Roberto Bañuelos who isn’t just holding the line, but also the books. 

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to be here at La Joya ISD for 26 years, I’m on my 27th year,” Bañuelos said. 

The officer loves his job as he describes it as the perfect mix of protecting students while educating them.  

“It’s about guiding them and when we get to graduation time, it’s my favorite part to stand at the end of the line and one by one greeting them, they say thank you sir for being there,” Bañuelos said.

The students and his time with the La Joya school district inspired him to hit the books and write ‘There’s A Creature Living In Our House.’

“It’s all about scary sounds at night, that’s when it’s quiet,” Bañuelos said. 

It’s a suspenseful book that talks about the paranormal and life with his kids. 

“My son and I are into the paranormal, we like to find out what things are, and I’ve been told I produce sounds also…my wife says I snore loudly,” Bañuelos said. “My wife has always been there like the saying says ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’.”

The paranormal book is the perfect blend of suspense and family, something that has been his biggest support system.

Bañuelos has several other books in the works and is working on a book signing in the near future. 

‘There’s A Creature Living In Our House’ can be found in Barnes and Noble stores and online.

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