EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For many, running is a form of therapy, but for others it’s a way of life. 

One Edinburg legend has made it his mission to pay it forward in the community with a 10K race that’s going more than four decades strong. 

Edinburg native David Chavana is the person behind the Annual All-America City 10K Race/Walk.

“Throughout the years, we’ve had a lot of people that are involved and I hear it, people tell me hey you’re the 10K guy and I enjoy it,” said Chavana. 

Chavana started running more than 55 years ago and hasn’t stopped. 

The 70-year-old retired Edinburg CISD teacher and coach says it was always the kids that pushed him to continue to pound the pavement. 

All around the Rio Grande Valley, Chavana has inspired runners for years and generations. 

Running in 12 marathons throughout his career and countless other races, Chavana’s impact has spread well beyond the valley, even globally. 

“In 1983, the Kenyans showed up here to Edinburg, that was a game changer, we got someone from Australia, Germany and we started taking the kids to meet the athletes and that was one of the rules I had for them…if you come run you have to meet the kids…a lot of them liked that,” Chavana said. 

The David Chavana 10K Run/Walk was born with a lot of resilience, determination and most of all mentorship for the Valley’s youth. 

“It’s a big time race for a small town, we don’t ever want to lose why we started and we do it for the kids,” Chavana said. “One day maybe we’ll get an Olympian here and I always tell people, it’s something that should go on forever. If the Boston Marathon can go on for 102 years, we can do it too.”

The 41st Annual David Chavana 10K Run/Walk will be held on both Friday, Feb. 3 and Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Richard Flores Stadium located on 312 Mark S. Pena Dr. in Edinburg.

Participants can register for the race on the City of Edinburg website. 

This year runners can expect over 3,000 participants to hit the starting line, ranging from several different countries. 

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