Washington NFL team brings back exec to work on name change

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ASHBURN, Va. (AP)Washington’s NFL team brought back its former chief marketing officer, Terry Bateman, in that role Monday to oversee what it called in a news release its “name change and branding process.”

Bateman originally was hired by Washington to oversee marketing in 2006. Brian Lafemina briefly took over business operations in 2018, before leaving later that year.

Bateman has been advising club owner Daniel Snyder lately, but now gets the official title of executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

After years of vowing to never drop his team’s dictionary-defined slur of a name, Snyder recently bowed to financial pressure from sponsors and said the franchise would “retire” its old moniker.

Last week, The Washington Post reported that 15 female ex-employees of the club and two female reporters said they were sexually harassed by people working for the team.

At least three high-ranking team employees left their jobs in the days before the report was published.

A Washington law firm has been hired by Snyder to investigate allegations of workplace misconduct.

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