Preview: Cowboys vs. Eagles

NFL Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys are prepping for Sunday Night Football right here on News Center 23.

The boys in blue are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles, but can they keep them from soaring to victory?

News Center 23’s Andy Morgan has tonight’s Silver Star Nation Report.

Andy Morgan: The NFC East is the only division in football where every team has a winning record. The Dallas Cowboys on top of that division at 5-1 coming off the bye-week. With that, I’d like to welcome in Silver Star Nation Insider Mickey Spagnola. Mickey, it’s Sunday Night Football right here on NBC, with the Cowboys hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. The top two teams in this division. What are you looking for in this one?

Mickey Spagnola: Well I think we are looking forward to seeing basically the top two rookie quarterbacks play. The Eagles Carson Wentz. The Cowboys Dak Prescott facing off against each other, but it’s much more than that. I think from the Cowboys standpoint, we keep hearing about the Eagles defense. Sort of the way we kept hearing about the Packers defense and the Cincinnati defense, since the Eagles shut down the Vikings this past week. They put a lot of pressure of Sam Bradford.

Andy Morgan: How will this Cowboys defense look to get after another rookie quarterback in Carson Wentz, who started the season hot, but has looked more like a rookie as of late?

Mickey Spagnola: He’s tailed off in the last two games. The Eagles offense has tailed off. they’re total offense is ranked 28th in the NFL. In the last two weeks, with the numbers combined, Carson Wentz has a 70 quarterback rating. So that’s far from below what he has been doing. So we’ll see if the Cowboys can put enough pressure on him. Most of the teams have handled the Eagles running game.

Andy Morgan: Cowboys-Eagles on Sunday Night Football from the palace in Dallas.

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