Keeping the Mindset on Training Camp, Cowboys Prepare for Bengals

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The Dallas Cowboys have a few days remaining in Oxnard. With their body in California, the Cowboys have their minds in Dallas. Head coach Jason Garrett has his own opinions on keeping his team grounded.

“This is very different than ‘School’s out for the summer.’ This idea that somehow, we’re trying to get out of this training camp, you know that’s not really real life. We’re just going to change where we do training camp. We’ll get back to the Star, and we’ll get back to work after we play Cincinnati on Saturday night.”

Other members of the Cowboys have their views as well.

Dalton Schultz, “First thing I’m going to do when we get back, obviously we’re going to be in the hotel and play the game and everything and go through that routine, but man, I can’t wait to sleep in my bed. I just want to get back in my own bed, you know that feeling.”

Kris Richard, “It’s dull days, you know, you miss your family, you miss your wife, you miss your children. You just want to kiss them, all that kind of stuff. Yeah, that sounds all fine and dandy. At the end of the day, we’re here for a purpose.”

Taco Charlton, “The fact we’re going home on Friday energizes everybody to practice these last two days hard, because they know Friday they get a little treat and get to go home.”

Rod Marinelli, “I really honestly had to ask them today, ‘When do we leave here?’ You know, because I wanted to get myself mentally prepared to go sad.” Says jokingly.

Hopefully Coach Marinelli isn’t too sad because he’s got a game to play Saturday night against the Cincinnati Bengals in Dallas.

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