Jason Garrett Explains Punt Call

NFL Dallas

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett is still explaining himself over a call in Sunday night’s game against the Houston Texans. The team’s owner questioning why he decided to punt in the overtime loss.

When you lose a football game the way the Cowboys did on Sunday night to the Houston Texans 19-16 in overtime, it really doesn’t matter what happened in the first 65 minutes of the game. People just wants to focus on what happened in overtime. The Cowboys faced about a 4th and 2 at the Houston 42 yard line. Head Coach Jason Garrett decided to punt and play a little defense to get the ball back and attempt a winning field goal. He continues to explain his decision.

“You know we’ve been aggressive going for it on fourth down. That’s been a good thing for us, but not every fourth down situation is the same. I think we were on the 42-yard line there, it was a long one. I was standing right there, so it was probably a yard-and-a-half when we had it. We had a play that we liked, but unfortunately they did a good job coming and stuffing and we lost a little bit on the third down play, so it got you to fourth and really kid of close to two and we just felt in that situation the way our defense was playing it just made sense to us and me at that time to play field position. Give Chris Jones a chance to trap them on the ten-yard line and let’s go play defense.

Next game for Dallas is at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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