Garrett: Good job Kellen Moore

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Moore praised by coach

There certainly was a lot of amazing things that happened in the Cowboys thirty-five seventeen season opening victory over the New York Giants. We’ve seen some of that from Dak. We’ve seen some of that from Amari Cooper. But there certainly was a bunch of questions about how a second year first year offensive coordinator 31-year-old Kellen Moore would do calling plays.

The biggest thing we tried to do is just prepare for it as much as we could. A lot of on the ball stuff through the spring and through training camp and obviously had opportunities all through the preseason to call games. The biggest thing we try to do as a staff is communicate well as we’re putting the whole system in and then as we’re putting game plans together and that has to carry through to the game that’s when you’re going to call your best games and there’s collaboration. You’re communicating well so I thought all of that was important and then trying to maintain that balance and attack in different ways. But Kellen did a really really good job in the game. He was very comfortable it wasn’t hesitant had a very good feel for what he wanted to do put guys in good positions and really kind of carried out the plan. And again I thought he did an excellent job in the game

 And after the game know that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett called Kellen Moore over and shook his hand. Job well done

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