WORKING FOR YOU: Edinburg family hopes to resolve a 15-year issue

Working For You

EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) – An Edinburg family said they are tired of dealing with the effects of a poorly maintained piece of land next to their property.  

For 15 years, the Cortinas family said they have been dealing with water that accumulates in a ditch between their home and some railroad tracks.  

During hurricane season and heavy rainfall, the water has gone into their home and has caused them to have to replace their fence; they are worried they will have to go through the same thing this year.  

The flooding is not the only issue, this recent rainy season has caused the grass to grow tall, providing the perfect habitat for pests that sometimes make their way into their home.  

Blas Cortinas explained to KVEO some of the reasons he believes the backyard is not a safe place for his children after it rains.

“Mosquitos, snakes, and the smell of the water when it’s there for a long time,” said Cortinas.

The Cortinas family has had to invest in materials to maintain the property. Including a swimming pool pump to drain the water, buy tablets to treat the water and kill the mosquitos, and pay to mow the grass behind their fence.

However, the flooding is happening on property that is not theirs.  

According to the City of Edinburg, the property belongs to the Rio Valley Switching Company that owns the railroad behind the Cortinas’ home.  

The family has gone back and forth with the city and the railroad company to try and resolve the issue, but they always end up having to solve it themselves.  

“We got to do what we got to do to solve the problem,” said Cortinas. 

KVEO spoke to Rio Valley Switching Company and the corresponding manager said that in his 16 years of working for the company, this is the first time he is hearing of the issue.  

They said they do mow the areas around the railroad tracks but due to the rain, that grass is growing rapidly, and they will get to it eventually.  

The Cortinas’ family said they have heard this type of response before. 

KVEO also spoke to the City of Edinburg who said that they encourage residents to use the SeeClickFix app that allows them to notify the city about problems such as potholes, weedy lots, malfunctioning traffic signals, and more.  

The city also told KVEO that they are now in the process of looking into the area behind the Cortinas’ house to see if they need to notify the railroad company. 

We will continue to follow up with the family, the city, and the railroad company and update the story as information becomes available.  

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