Couple denied refund for wedding venue after event was postponed due to COVID-19

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — Many weddings had to be canceled or postponed because of the pandemic. One couple is asking for a refund from their wedding venue after they say they denied to reschedule their event.

“We just feel so helpless really, like we really don’t know what to do,” said the bride to be, who wishes to stay anonymous.

She said the pandemic has gotten in the way of her dream wedding, and with the reception being postponed, she said the venue is not rescheduling the event for a future date. 

“We can’t change your date anymore we’re still booking people and nobody is canceling right now and if you want to change it you’re going to have to pay 3 to 5 grand when we already paid them in full 7 grand,” she said.

The wedding is not turning out the way she had hoped, and with family on the other side of the border not able to cross because of the pandemic, she said it’s even harder to celebrate.

“If they can’t come, I don’t see the point of us having it and I don’t see why it’s so hard to understand that,” she said.

We reached out to the manager of the wedding venue who did not wish to be on camera. The manager said the couple signed a contract which said in case of a pandemic no reimbursements or rescheduled events will be made.

The bride said they were not aware of the updated contract. 

“The contract is different from the original one we signed and they added the pandemic and everything in it when they had told us this contract is the same as the first one,” she said.

A complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau in an effort to come to an understanding between both parties. 

“We are encouraging businesses that are in that type of business that they be considerate of their customers and understand what challenges they’re going through,” said Dolores Salinas, President of the Better Business Bureau.

Salinas said they are waiting to hear back from the company. She is encouraging people to read over contracts and ask for any updates before signing anything.

Those going through a similar experience with their wedding venues are urged to contact the Better Business Bureau website.

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