Woman sends internet on nostalgic trip with $50 Facebook market find


Blue’s Clues chair found on the Facebook Marketplace. [Courtesy: Samantha Bailey]

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) – A nostalgic find from Facebook marketplace got thousands to sit down and think, think, think about one of their favorite childhood TV shows.  

There is a red chair that almost every child of the ’90s will recognize at a glance, and once it’s spotted, they may belt out an overly enthusiastic song about getting mail.  

“I had to drop everything I was doing, I was like, ‘I’m not missing this chair,’” laughed Jackson, Michigan resident, Samantha Bailey as she recalled getting a message from the vendor of a 1999 toddler-sized Blue’s Clues Thinking Chair.  

Blue’s Clues chair found on the Facebook Marketplace. [Courtesy: Samantha Bailey]

Bailey had this chair on her mind for a while. The now 28-year-old grew up watching Blue’s Clues and though she would no longer be able to use it herself, she thought it would be a nice gift for someone else.  

“I knew that they existed when I was a kid, but it’s not a thing you need,” said Bailey. “And then I had my baby in January and I said, ‘I’m going to try and find her one.’” 

The iconic red Thinking Chair was originally designed and produced in several colors by a company called Galerkin Furniture, according to a Blue’s Clues Fandom page. It also mentions the original Thinking Chair was given to Steve, the first Blue’s Clues host when he left the show.  

Bailey had searched for the toddler-sized chair before but always saw them in the price ranges of $200-$300, and while she felt the purchase wasn’t that important, she kept a lookout after having her daughter.  

Her patience paid off when she found one for sale in her hometown for $50, although initially, she was not sure if she would get it because the vendor took a month to get back to her.  

Blue’s Clues chair found on the Facebook Marketplace. [Courtesy: Samantha Bailey]

“I grew up watching it with my mom and she passed away in April, and I just kind of feel like she intervened a little in helping me get the chair because I know she would have wanted it for her grandbaby,” said Bailey.  

Once she got the green light to get it, she brought it home, cleaned it up, and shared her purchase with a Facebook group called ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared.’ The reaction was instantaneous.  

“I sent my cousin a text and said, ‘It’s been up for seven minutes and it’s already got 7,000 likes.’ I’m like I don’t know what to do about this,” laughed Bailey. “I checked right now and it’s at 39,000. So many Blue’s Clues fans in the world.” 

“Best $50 I ever spent on Marketplace,” wrote Bailey on Facebook.  

The post has hit 48,000 reactions and has over 3,000 comments, most of which are nostalgic Facebook users sharing their own memories of the show.  

Bailey’s six-month-old daughter is just the right size for the chair, but it might be a while before she can fully appreciate it as her mom does.  

“I hope she loves it because I love it.”  

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