Winter Texans should get the vaccine at only one state, local doctor says


Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)-There has been a lot of questions regarding Winter Texans and qualifications for the COVID-19 vaccine. If they receive one dose in Texas, can they receive another in their home state.?

Winter Texans do qualify to receive COVID-19 vaccines, county officials say

Earlier this month Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez confirmed to KVEO state vaccine qualifications for the COVID-19 vaccine extends to all regardless of the state of origin.

“They are considered residents of the county and as residents of the county they are eligible to receive the vaccine,” said Judge Cortez.

A Winter Texan viewer asked if they receive one dose in Texas and another in their home state of Minnesota.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: COVID-19 vaccination distribution in the RGV

Dr. Kris Ehresmann, Director for Infectious Disease at the Minnesota Department of Health recommends staying in one spot for both vaccines.

“We can’t all of a sudden say ‘yeah we’re going to give a second dose to someone who wasn’t part of that first group’ simply because that would be taking a dose away someone else who needs it.” said Dr. Ehresmann.

If Winter Texans chose to receive their vaccination in south Texas, Kristi Collier with Welcome Home RGV Newsletter, said it will bring more money to the local economy.

Since 2004, the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley has surveyed Winter Texans on a series of questions centered around tourism and economic impact.

Winter storm expected to cause distribution delays across Texas

The findings from each Winter season lays a blueprint for marketing and development. An estimated 106,000 Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley during the 2017-2018 winter season.

The seniors from northern states and Canada generated $528 million dollars to the Rio Grande Valley.

“So many of our winter Texans decide ‘hey we like the Valley we want to live here permanently’ and they become convert a Texans, ” said Collier. “When you talk about the overall economic impact that winter Texans have if we can get them to convert to a full-time Valley resident what does that do for our economy.?”

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