What’s next for the Starhopper?


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Space enthusiasts excited about last night’s successful SpaceX launch. However, the highest flight for the protoype in Brownsville is also its last.

The goal is to develop technology that would one day lead to re-usable self-guided vehicles. Originally scheduled for Monday, ignition problems were the cause of the 150 meter test delay.

This Tuesday at approximately 5:03 PM, the Starhopper went up an estimated 500 feet then came down to a specially designated launch pad.
It’s state of the art technology making developed right here in south Texas. Right now we’re in early testing phases before we start seeing the launches go out of the atmosphere and into space.

Even though SpaceX has been relatively silent on what they’re developing, we’re starting to notice some there is progress after each round of testing. 
For example, fires produced by the first tests were much more prevalent early on. The same could be said about fire control in surrounding areas.

Today crews assessing the launch pad and the Starhopper itself after a successful hop, however this may be the last flight that this particular prototype takes.

According to founder and CEO of SpaceX this is the last flight for the hopper. Soon it may become a testing stand for engines and it’s not the last flight we’ll see from Brownsville. Back in July, Elon Musk says he’s expecting the starship prototypes to fly in two or three months. By that time frame, that could be as early as September or October of this year.

Cameron County also confirming the end of major tests near Boca Chica Beach. All road closures scheduled for this week have been cancelled.

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