‘We’re prepared:’ Texas State Legislators speak on protecting voting rights


Credit: Rep. Henry Cuellar

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Texas legislators held a press conference Wednesday discussing voting rights for Texans.

On Monday, Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives flew to Washington D.C. from Austin in a protest.

Over 50 democrats are protesting bills, Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3, that they believe will suppress the votes of Texans.

During the press conference, Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives spoke about what exactly they are protesting.

Senator Jose Mendez explained what he believes the bill’s purpose is for republicans.

“This is all at the end of the day an effort to diminish the votes of people, the working class, the disabled,” said Mendez. Adding that the reality of republicans trying to pass this bill is to “shave off points in close elections to maintain power.”

Governor Greg Abbott has threatened Democrats with arrest once they come back home.

When asked if Abbott’s arrest threats were a “bluff” Mendez said, “it is obvious…that the governor has no constitutional right to wipe out a legislative branch.”

Mendez continued saying “he is not a dictator… he can not issue an order to arrest us for a crime that was never committed… we are here exercising our legal right to protect the millions of Texas voters.”

Legislators were asked about Gov. Abbott’s plan to continue holding special sessions, adding that the Democratic party is delaying the inevitable.

State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins responded to the statement that democrats are delaying the inevitable, saying it is not coming from leaders, “that is the wrong attitude for a leader.”

“A leader sits down… he wasn’t elected to serve one party. He was elected to serve all of Texas,” said Gervin-Hawkins.

Gervin-Hawkins continued speaking on her hope for Abbott to communicate with the Democratic party, saying she would love if the governor would say “where can we meet in the middle.”

Lastly, Gervin-Hawkins spoke for the entire democratic party saying “we’re prepared to do what we need to do.”

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