‘Water coming from somewhere else’: Residents concerned about home flooding overnight


SAN BENITO, Texas (KVEO) — Many families throughout the Rio Grande Valley are dealing with flooded homes, but they said the floods have nothing to do with the recent rainstorms.

Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen said living in those conditions is not good for anyone’s health.

“We don’t want anybody to be staying in water,” said Hushen.

Residents like Epitacio Cortinez said avoiding flooded water is hard because everyone in his community is dealing with the same problem.

“I just moved in, this is my second week living in the property, it’s pretty bad,” said Cortinez.

According to Cortinez, his home was not flooded because of the rainstorms.

He said the flooding at his home happened overnight and does not understand where the water came from.

“This is water coming from somewhere else, they opened something because It wasn’t like this a day ago,” said Cortinez.

Hushen said anyone dealing with flooding should evacuate their homes and those who are in serious need of help are encouraged to reach out to local authorities. 

However, Cortinez and other residents said they have been outspoken about their situation to city officials. They all expressed they are not receiving proper help and feel they are not being heard.

“It’s already been two days that it hasn’t rained, it’s getting worse instead of better,” said Cortinez.

As for the Cameron County Emergency Management, Hushen said they are doing everything they can and have only heard of one family requesting help. 

Residents like Cortinez are encouraging others to speak up in order for city officials to do their part.

“I’m paying taxes, I’m sure they are paying their fair share so they need to speak up,” said Cortinez.

Hushen expressed that if there is a large number of people who request help, the Red Cross will be notified to help temporarily. 

Also, once any water drains out of a home, Hushen says it is important to treat any damages right away.

“Even though it looks dry on the outside, the inside of the wall can be containing mold and we want to make sure that gets taken care of,” said Hushen.

Hushen added, there is a QR code on the Cameron County Emergency Management Facebook page and website for people to use for self-assessments on home damages. 

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