DENVER (KDVR) — Making a child cry one time might be something that could happen to anyone. But how about making that same child cry a second time, one year later?

That happened to Dan Daru, a reporter with sister station KDVR. He made Drew cry in 2012 and then again in 2013.

Daru met the boy while covering the Miller Farms’ Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colorado for the morning show.

In the viral news clip, Daru walks up to Drew’s stroller and tries to interview “Drew the Farm Kid” – it doesn’t go well. A frowning Drew stares hard at the reporter, who ad libs, “You know what he’s saying right now? ‘E equals MC-squared … get that camera out of my face!”

Finally, it’s too much for Drew, who starts crying as the anchors give Daru a hard time: “Way to Dan, way to make a baby boy cry on live television.”

In 2012, KDVR was hopeful that Drew would forgive Daru eventually. On Thursday, Dan and Drew were reunited after an eight year break. So, did he cry this time? Watch to find out!