HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — TikTok is in an uproar after a woman ‘disrespected’ Buc-ee’s by mispronouncing the well-known convenience store’s name while visiting.

A TikTok video documenting a family visit to Buc-ee’s in late November has caused a major commotion on the platform for many Texans.

Crazy Life of Ash grabbed the attention of many with the mispronunciation of the infamous convenience store, pronouncing Buc-ee’s as “Busey’s” instead of “Buck-ee’s.”

The family continued throughout the store, checking out snack assortments and clean restrooms.

As things couldn’t seem to get worse in the eyes of Texans, the mother continued her video by calling Buc-ee the Beaver a Gopher.

People in Texas really like their gophers

Last weekend a Texas man, Kenny Black, responded to the video with his cowboy hat on and a Texas flag in the background politely stating “no ma’am, no ma’am” while shaking his head.

Black received 3.7 million views and 242 thousand likes on his response.

Although Black did not say much in his video, Texans united in the comment section of the viral video.

Casadilla2020 wrote, “Why did every single Texan COLLECTIVELY have the exact same face when she said the disrespect she said,” in response to Blacks duet.

JenniferJacobs54 wrote, “the entire state of Texas just gasped.”

Some responses even wanted to prohibit the family from visiting the store. A Day In One Place stated, “If you can’t pronounce it your not allowed in.”

In all fun and games, it is clear that Crazy Life of Ash was joking around in her video as she even continued to egg on Texans with an additional video on What-a-Burger.