RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – If you are getting unemployment benefits, requirements will be changing next month.

“Starting July 6, the Texas Workforce Commission is going to reinstate the job search requirement for people that are currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits,” said Miguel Gonzalez, from the McAllen Workforce Solutions.

Gonzalez said if you do not report your job search, you could be at risk of losing your unemployment benefits.

This all comes as the state continues to reopen, Governor Greg Abbott signed off to reinstate the requirement to make the process simple for job seekers. Doing so is simple, said Gonzalez.

“All they have to do is go on their portal where they get their benefits from and on there, they have a reporting tool where they can put, for example, the name of the employer that they interviewed with, contact info etc.,” he said while explaining the process.

A minimum of three jobs per week will be required for job seekers to include in their report.

As they wait for new unemployment rate numbers to be released, Gonzalez said they are expecting to see to see a decrease.

“At this point in time I believe the economy has straightened a little bit. The unemployment rate shouldn’t be as high and we are expecting even more jobs to appear in work in Texas as more businesses reopen,” Gonzalez said.

For more information in resources available you can head on over to our website to the Texas Workforce Commission website: