Uncertainty spurring record gun sales in June


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) – Amid a resurgence of COVID-19 cases and widespread protest, gun sales are booming.

In March the FBI reported a then record 3.7 million background checks for gun purchases. In June that number was broken again with 3.9 million background checks.

The numbers date back to 1998 when the FBI began the National Instant Criminal Background Checks.

“The gun sales have gone exponentially higher, gun sales, gun background checks and another upturn that I’ve seen lately is a lot of first-time buyers,” said Roy Balli, Owner/Firearms Instructor, RGVLTC

Balli said those first-time buyers have many questions about the guns they purchase. One popular question that has come up recently is can you wear a mask and carry a gun?

“It’s by order, so we need to abide by those according to what the governor and some instances our municipalities say, as well. So, if you are following the letter of the law and part of the letter of the law is to wear a mask it’s not against the law for you to also legally carry as well,” said Balli

In the month of June, by state, Texas ranked 3rd in background checks, with nearly a quarter million residents arming up. Balli said recent events across the nation have sparked a lot of uncertainty.

“In the media you see protest, you see riots, you see demonstration, you see talk about defunding police etc. It leaves some people up in the air with questions. That they are not too sure about what the future holds. So, they are preparing, maybe, as a last resort to be able to have to rely on themselves to protect themselves and their families,” said Balli

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