MCALLEN, Texas — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is blaming congress for encouraging migrants to risk their lives. He says by not changing outdated laws, migrants and calling it a man-made crisis.

Senator Cruz toured the McAllen Processing Center where he saw pregnant woman and children laying on the floor. He first toured the center in 2014 under President Obama’s term when the situation was not as concerning as it is today. He expressed his anger towards congress for not focusing on the physical and sexual abuse immigrant children face daily.

“You know this is a political environment where a lot of politicians like to talk about their enormous compassion. Their enormous virtues let me tell you, nobody who is compassionate, nobody who is virtuous, nobody who gives a dam about human beings would want even a single day to perpetuate these loopholes and put more children in harm’s way. We want to solve this problem. We don’t have to ask theoretically how to solve it, we’ve seen how to solve it. The way to solve it is to enforce the laws, and that means ending catch and release.”

Cruz adds it is also concerning that Border Patrol is using 60 percent of their resources caring for immigrants rather than securing the border. He is urging congress to act immediately for the country’s safety.