Trump supporter faces lawsuit after being accused of exploiting Selena’s image


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KVEO) – A picture of the iconic statue of Selena with a MAGA hat on is now causing controversy after her family plans on suing a man for using her image, which they said is to gain support for President Trumps re-election.

Hundreds gathered at Selena’s Statue in Corpus Christi Saturday afternoon to show their support for President Trump.

“It was a message to reach out to the Hispanic community,” said Joe Michael Perez.

For Perez, placing a MAGA hat on Selena’s statue represents freeing Hispanics from feeling obligated to side with democrats.

“People message me and they say well ‘Trump don’t care about me.’ I mean that’s what you hear. People need to educate themselves a little more about that. Then, when they see this, tell yourself why, because I’m not the only one out here,” said Perez.

Selena’s family is threatening to sue Perez for hosting Saturday’s rally and in their words, exploiting her image. Stating that she has never represented politicians.

“I mean, I’m not saying anything bad about Selena. She’s a representation of the Hispanic community,” said Perez.

Dozens of Hispanics joined Perez, expressing their appreciation for the President.

“I want to support Donald Trump because I think he has done more for our country than any other president has especially for minorities,” said Melinda De Los Santos a rally attendee.

ANTIFA members were also present but declined speaking to the media saying that their presence was their voice.

The rally was held despite the city denying Perez a permit to host the mass gathering.

You can watch our live coverage of the rally below:

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