Trial in alleged bribery case against former state district judge enters third day


EDINBURG, Texas — The trial continues in the alleged bribery case against former state district judge Rudy Delgado. FBI Investigator David Roncska, testifying that former state district judge Rudy Delgado accepted $5,500 dollars in cash from a local lawyer in exchange for courtroom favors. The bill were marked by the FBI.

Prosecutors showed the jury the handbag Delgado carried at the time of his arrest. Inside was the envelope Noe Perez, the FBI informant, handed Delgado with thousands of dollars inside.

Roncska states Delgado attempted to return the money to Perez, only after he was tipped off by state lawmakers about the bribery investigation against him. Delgado later sending Perez a text message stating “Good evening please call me. The campaign contribution needs to be by check. Sorry about the confusion, I thought you knew.”

Leading investigators to believe Delgado was aware he was being investigated. Roncska adding Delgado did not accept additional money from Perez in August 2017, calling it a federal government set up.

Defense attorney Michael McCrum cross examined Roncska. Suggesting the envelope could have indeed been filled with campaign contributions and donations to Delgado’s foundation. Questioning as to why if the FBI searched Perez before the sting operation. Assuring he didn’t have other money than the bribery money, was he able to purchase snacks at a gas station. The agent stating he does not recall that moment.
The trial is moving faster than expected and closing statements and deliberations could start as early as tomorrow morning. It is still unclear as to whether Judge Delgado will be testifying or not. The defense attorney says he plans on calling at least two witnesses tomorrow morning.

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