Trauma experts prepare for influx of firework injuries come 4th of July


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Some families are stacking up on fireworks as Fourth of July festivities begin but a local trauma doctor says he is already stationed as they prepare for any possible injury.

DHR’s Trauma Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Skubic, said he expects to see an increase in patients over the weekend. 

“At the end of June through mid-July about Two-thirds of all firework injuries happen every year around that time frame, rather it’s sparklers, firecrackers, fireworks, this weekend is the big one.” Dr. Skubic adds, “we’ll get a whole bunch, probably five to 10 injuries at least per hospital.”

Over the years, Dr. Skubic said he has seen a certain age group come in with injuries every year which are young adults, teenagers, children. 

“For instance, the hand, many times it’s holding a firecracker, lighting it before they can throw it, it explodes right in their hand,” said Dr. Skubic. 

He adds that the second most common is burns to the face and eye injuries. 

“We get the injury where they look over the mortar, mortar is what we call it, they look over it and ‘boom’ that’s right when it goes off and hits them in the face. It’s like looking at the barrel of a gun,” said Dr. Skubic. 

He recommends the safest thing to do is go to a firework show instead of playing with them at home, however, he said to be careful if used at home.

“If you do them at home please always place them on the ground before you light anything, don’t hold them in your hand and throw them. That’s probably the biggest advice I can give anyone,” said Dr. Skubic.

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