The more confidence you have, the more humble you’ll be, says author


HOUSTON — “He Spoke With Authority” is a 2019 release for author Thomas Fellows. The book gives the advantage of confidence and Fellows makes the claim that the more confidence you truly have, the more empathetic and humble you will be.

Fellows says because of evolutionary theory, you’ll deem yourself as fit and won’t attack people behind you or ahead of you. You’ll be more humble because you’ll be more accessible and you’ll feel like you can learn from anybody and everybody.

“I think a lot of times people look at confidence as negative like arrogance but there is a fine line.” said, Fellows. “I mean, you don’t want to talk about yourself all the time. But again, I make the claim that the more confident you are, the more truly accessible and humble you’ll be.”

As with his previous books, Fellows uses other works of literature, movies, and music. “He Spoke With Authority” draws on “Jane Eyre”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Good Will Hunting” and “Gran Torino”.

Fellows refers to a scene in “Gran Torino” where Clint Eastwood’s character, stands up for someone. And in life you have to stand up for someone, and yourself.

“I make the claim that the most confident people don’t just stick out for themselves but stick up for others. And because they’re, you know, they think of themselves as a protector role and they’re helping people out”, said Fellows.

Fellows also brings up a little-known fact about Robert E. Lee in the book. It turns out Gen. Lee was actually against raising Confederate statues because he foresaw they would cause division in this country.

Fellows’ books can be found on Amazon.

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