State of Texas: Immigration policy and a potential tax vote

Texas Politics

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — A Texan in the race for the White House is highlighting his immigration proposals as a counter to President Trump’s visit to the state.

“We have a border that is more secure than it’s ever been and we can maintain that security,” said Democrat Julián Castro. “But what we don’t need to do is to be cruel to children and to families.”

Castro spoke one-on-one with politics reporter Phil Prazan about his ideas on immigration.

Would you vote to raise your own taxes?  Texas voters could soon face that decision, thanks to a plan from the state’s top leaders to raise the state’s sales tax to pay for property tax relief.

Raising the tax requires amending the state’s constitution. It could be a tough decision for many voters. 

“Voters are going to have to believe that this is actually going to reduce their property taxes,” explained Dale Craymer, President of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association. “In the past, they’ve been promised property tax relief that at best has been illusory to them.”

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