Doggett working to move Texas away from Trump in 2020

Texas Politics

AUSTIN (Nexstar) – Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett is looking ahead to his own campaign in 2020. But he also plans to help the effort to push Donald Trump out of the White House.

“I can think of little more important work than how Donald Trump is removed from office,” Doggett said in an interview on Sunday’s State of Texas program. 

President Trump carried Texas in 2016 and Republicans won every statewide office in the 2018 elections. Still, Doggett sees Texas as a potential battleground state in 2020. 

“We came mighty close in Texas,” Doggett said, referring to the gains Texas Democrats made in 2018 in Congressional and State House races. He vowed to use some of his own campaign funds to help other Democrats working to win races in Texas.

“This is a time for every Texan that cares about the future of our country to turn out to vote and participate,” Doggett said.

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