FLORESVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A former San Antonio police officer who was fired for giving a homeless man a feces sandwich was “released from employment” again, this time from the Floresville Police Department.

A 2016 report from KXAN stated Matthew Luckhurst, a San Antonio police officer at the time, was originally fired after placing feces between two pieces of bread and giving the sandwich to a homeless man.

“It’s a disgrace to the department. It’s a disgrace to the badge. And it’s embarrassing that someone would do something like that, ever do something like that,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said about the incident in 2016.

Luckhurst has now been “released from employment,” from the City of Floresville where he was an officer, according to Floresville Mayor Cecelia “Cissy” Gonzalez-Dippel.

In a statement, Gonzalez-Dippel said her office had been “inundated with calls, messages and emails.”

“Last week, I was emailed a copy of an article from the San Antonio Express News that referred to an officer who had been fired from SAPD due to very disturbing circumstances and that this officer had been hired by the Floresville Police Department,” her statement reads.

She said that the city is making changes to the hiring process to “reassure the community of Floresville that we strive for the ultimate best for our city.”