AUSTIN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has requested five mortuary trailers as a precautionary measure as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise.

According to DSHS Press Officer Douglas Loveday, the request was made to FEMA on Aug. 4 through the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

The mortuary trailers will be stationed in San Antonio and will be sent to other parts of the state upon request. At this moment no local officials have made the request, the statement said.

FEMA previously provided the resources during other surges on COVID-19 deaths around the state, said the statement. As the trailers may take a few weeks to arrive, DSHS is taking the precautionary step to be prepared if the need arises.

According to a statement for FEMA three mortuary trailers will arrive in San Antonio on Friday and two others on Saturday.

“FEMA and HHS continue to work closely with the state of Texas to provide needed resources.”

On Monday, 9 news deaths were reported. DSHS data showed over 50,000 deaths in the state, as of Aug. 16.