Texas Civil Rights Project sheds light on redistricting


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — A state-wide group is shedding light on redistricting, the process of drawing electoral districts.

The Texas Civil Rights group said in a live stream the Texas Redistricting Committee has yet to give an opportunity for Texans to voice their concerns.

Organizers with the group said redistricting is an invisible injustice for minority communities.

“There’s still one step left in the pipeline of voter suppression to try to make it so your vote counts less,” said Texas Civil Rights Project Press manager Ivy Le.

The Texas Civil Rights Project held a community call, discussing fair maps.

“The redistricting process is important on all days like today,” she said. “Every ten years the census plays and lawmakers get this information to supposedly draw the maps so people are equally represented in their lawmaker branches of the state and national level.”

Le said that this year is different.

“Whatever maps get drawn, we’re stuck with. Until the lawsuit makes its way through the courts, the impact could last for years and the policies that can happen through that process afterward by those elected officials that do not represent your community and the ways you want to see the country going could last generations,” said Le.

Then COVID-19 shut the meetings down for public hearings.

Miguel Rivera has lived in an area in Texas where he says redistricting has impacted his community. They’re calling for change saying it’s a fight for the next ten years.

“Don’t listen to me or my needs will make it that much harder for me to envision a Texas where I feel safe and confident being able to stand on my own two feet. So, when we say fight for the next ten years we really do mean it where will you be 10 years from now.”

Organizers urge residents to let their legislators know how they want the political maps in their area to look by writing to legislators.

For the full live stream, click here.

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