HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Apple released iOS 17 Monday, bringing with it several new features for iPhone users.

The new operating system brings additions that will “enhance the things you do every day,” Apple’s website states.

Contact posters / NameDrop

The first notable change is the addition of contact posters. Contact posters allow users to customize what people see when you call them. You can add a photo or Memoji, and pair it with a font of your liking.

Receiving a call isn’t the only time you will see contact posters, as iOS 17 also introduced NameDrop. Similar to AirDrop, NameDrop will allow you to share your contact poster instantly when you hold your phone near someone’s iPhone or Apple Watch.

Voicemail / Voice messages

The newly released iOS 17 also brings a change to voicemails. Now, after sending a call to voicemail, users will be able to see a live transcript of the message. Voice messages on iMessage will also now show a transcription.


Sticking with iMessage, Apple’s messaging system has also received an update. A new plus icon now appears next to your message, which shows all the applications you use most. Users can also swipe to reply to messages, share and request friend’s location, and view it directly within the conversation.


Apple also introduced StandBy in iOS 17, which allows your iPhone to be turned into a bedside clock. While in StandBy mode, your phone can show live activities, such as the progress of a food delivery, weather or updates on a football score.


Users no longer need to use the phrase “Hey Siri,” as Apple dropped the first word. Now users can simply say “Siri” to bring up the digital assistant.

A full list of the iOS 17 new features is available on Apple’s website.