Students and staff at local school district take part in active shooter training


DONNA, Texas – Donna North High School is participating in an active shooter training for their students and staff. The question you may face is, Do you know what to do in an active shooter situation?

Officer Ezequiel Gutierrez, “They’re giving them options to run, to hide to defend themselves. Letting them know it’s okay to defend yourself, you have a right to defend yourself and to defend your life.

It is called C.R.A.S.E training it stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. The training is designed to prepare students and staff in case there is ever an active shooter on campus.

Officer Ezequiel Gutierrez is teaching the students and staff at Donna North High life saving tactics. Those scenarios includes to run, hide or fight. Some participants say the training felt very realistic.

Melissa Luna, social worker, “My automatic response was to run and hide. Even though I wanted to participate in running, as soon as I saw that my heart was like pump, pump. It was pretty intense.”

The Donna ISD Police Department were using airsoft guns during the training to keep track of how many people would have been wounded. Donna ISD organized this training because of shootings in Texas and the nation.

“The active shooter events and the active attacks itself. They’re learning, we’re learning from all the past events.” say Gutierrez.

Donna ISD is offering this training in some of their other campuses. They hope this prepares their students and staff during an active shooter situation.

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