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Strong waves entertain residents, lifeguards keeping a lookout


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — Active storms in the tropics create an entertaining environment on our South Texas shorelines.  

Many families visiting the South Padre Island beaches Saturday brought out their boogie boards hoping to catch the perfect wave.  

Ocean Rescue Technician, Pedro Casillas, said the waves are a stronger when there is a storm out in the Gulf.  

“They’re a lot more irregular and they’re a lot more frequent, and we always have that lateral current pushing a lot harder than it usually does,” said Casillas.  “There’s a lot less beach so technically there’s a lot more people in the water, we’re constantly just moving them in closer and making sure they’re not too far out.”  

Casillas encourages families to keep a close eye on children. “They’re gonna constantly be having waves coming to them taking their toys away. They’re gonna wanna go after them and get pushed into the ocean. When they go too far out please call them to come back in and regroup and start in front of your camp again.  

Today, Cameron County closed beach accesses five and six due to the high tides.  

“It’s just for safety reasons, we don’t want vehicles to drive on the beach and get stuck,” said County Parks Director, Joe Vega.  

Lifeguards will be on standby at the city beach.  

“We’re out here every day from 10-8 keeping you safe and even when we’re not around our firemen are also trained in lifeguarding so there’s always someone there to help you,” said Casillas.  

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